My Nothing Horse Equestria Girls: Digital Show (season 1)

My Nothing Horse Equestria Girls: Digital Show (season 1)

From the film’s alternate ending, Twilight stays at Crystal Prep, and you may she and you may Increase take far friendlier terms and conditions on Shadowbolts.

Equestria Lady: Legend out-of Everfree

Twilight looks like the primary central character of the 4th Equestria Female flick. Suffering from stress and anxiety and you will continual nightmares, she fears her evil Midnight Glow alter pride usually eventually get back and take over this lady human anatomy, the lady members of the family serve as constant ethical support.

During the Legend of Everfree, Twilight complements the woman Canterlot Highest nearest and dearest so you can backpage cleveland ohio escort Go camping Everfree, in which she actually is paired up with Sunset Shimmer throughout the Sapphire Tent and increases good break on the camp co-director Timber Liven. If you’re from the go camping, Twilight’s miracle undergoes a conversion process, and you can expands the capability to levitate and you may telekinetically move objects.

From the motion picture, Twilight is not able to face this new black miracle in her own, and you will she believes she actually is guilty of numerous magic interruptions to go camping. However, these are after found is Timber’s cousin Gloriosa Daisy’s performing. With the aid of the girl nearest and dearest, Twilight triumphs over the woman concerns and you will turns out to be the key from inside the defeating Gloriosa. She will also help plan out the fresh fundraiser to keep Camp Everfree off closing and you may becomes considerably close to Wood Spice, accepting a night out together off him in the long run.

Equestria Girls: Dancing Secret

About half of-hours special Dancing Wonders, Twilight support the woman family raise money so you can representative Everfree. When Rarity’s suggestion having a music movies is actually copied by the Shadowbolts, Twilight assists Rarity sneak toward Amazingly Preparing Academy so you’re able to in person confront them. She as well as participates the Moving Wonders sounds movies close the conclusion the new special.

Equestria Ladies: Movie Wonders

Regarding half-hours special Flick Magic, Twilight accompanies her family members with the band of the Daring Manage motion picture, declaring a desire for viewing brand new detail by detail motion picture props made by A beneficial. K. Yearling. She actually is together with temporarily mistaken for a celebrity regarding “Fuel Ponies” movie, cast while the Disguised Number-Horn. In the end, Twilight takes on a central investigator-including part into the launching Juniper Montage’s thievery and you will deceit, and you can this woman is shed while the an extra on Adventurous Do film.

Equestria Females: Echo Magic

On 50 % of-hr special Echo Magic, Twilight becomes swept up along with her loved ones inside limbo when Juniper Montage acquires a give reflect enchanted that have Equestrian magic. Whenever Starlight Glimmer succeeds during the persuading Juniper to let her or him away, Twilight and also the rest of their household members forgive and you will deal with Juniper because the an alternate pal. Twilight, including Sunset and you can Starlight, is very flexible out-of Juniper, which have prior to now started corrupted from the wonders inside Friendship Game.

Equestria People: Summertime Pants

Regarding the audio clips Frustrated Twience, Twilight portrays a mad researcher building an android spouse for Spike. This woman is together with an initial appeal in Tuesday Blues, in which she and you will Sundown Shimmer strive for to college by way of the latest pouring precipitation. From inside the Epic Goes wrong, she recalls the lady extremely uncomfortable moment of performing a biochemistry experiment that explodes in her face. Into the A good Vibes, she work during the an electronics shop and you will uses the woman powers so you’re able to augment DJ Pon-3’s turntable shortly after Most Biceps assists her having huge load from packages. She has support or small positions when you look at the Dogs Enterprise, Subs Material, Jumping Off the Web page, and just have brand new Let you know away from home. Regarding Canterlot Motion picture Bar, she looks to the poster of the Adventurous Would flick.

The woman is a main attract helping the lady family members analysis due to their finally reports about Finals Countdown, happening a date having Timber Liven in the Star-crossed, caring for Prominent Celestia’s yard inside my Little Store regarding Horrors, and you will fearing leaving college in the last Day’s School. For the Queen from Nightclubs, Twilight appears about CHS biochemistry, wig, and you can robotics clubs. She actually is as well as a central desire regarding the seashore jeans X Scratches the region, Unresolved Selfie Mysteries, The new Salty Sails, and you can Relationship Math, and has help otherwise slight positions at school out-of Rock, A fine Line, Overpowered, Extremely Group Specifications, Roadway Trippin, Outtakes, Pinkie Pie: Snack Psychic, Five to Nine, and a whole lot if you ask me.

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