Classifications of Ibogaine Buy IBOGAINE HCL Online

There are three distinct grades of Ibogaine that are used, with the differences in each depending upon the number of impurities that remain in the chemical compound after extraction. Buy IBOGAINE HCL Online

Total Alkaloids Extract: This is the most basic category of extracted Ibogaine. Total alkaloids extract (TA) is extracted from the root, but does not undergo any purification process. It is approximately 15-35 percent Ibogaine. It can vary in composition due to extraction from several alternate sources. Buy IBOGAINE HCL Online

Purified Total Extracts: Purified total extracts (PTA) takes total alkaloid extracts (TA) through another level of purification. It contains 40-85 percent Ibogaine and less of an array of other components.

Ibogaine Hydrochloride: Ibogaine Hydrochloride (HCL) is the third grade of Ibogaine and is what is most often used as an addiction treatment. It goes through a distinct purification process using hydrochloride that removes several impurities and other substances. Ibogaine hydrochloride contains approximately 85-99 percent pure Ibogaine.

Ibogaine Hydrochloride and Detoxification

Ibogaine hydrochloride is typically used in a medial setting under the supervision of professionally trained, certified doctors and nurses. It is beneficial in helping a person struggling with addiction to manage symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal. Ibogaine hydrochloride is used to treat symptoms of drug withdrawal by working in synergy with neurons and certain receptor sites found within the brain and central nervous system.

When a person undergoes addiction withdrawal with Ibogaine hydrochloride there are still symptoms of withdrawal, however, they are usually felt at a fraction of what is experienced without treatment. The effects of treatment with Ibogaine hydrochloride can last from 15-36 hours depending on the unique characteristics of the patient.

Although Ibogaine hydrochloride has shown tremendous potential in treating drug and alcohol addiction, it remains a Schedule I substance in the United States. It is also illegal for use in Switzerland and Belgium. It is, however, legal for use in 12 separate countries, all of which have treatment clinics to serve those seeking alternatives to traditional addiction therapies.

Ibogaine hydrochloride is often used to treat addictions to drugs such as heroin, alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, and crack. It is also used in the treatment of other addictions such as gambling and internet or other addictions. It has also shown promise in helping manage eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, and addictions to food.

Ibogaine hydrochloride (HCL) is extracted from the Tabernanthe Iboga root bark. Contained in the second layer of the Iboga bark are approximately 12 different alkaloids. The three most prominent alkaloids that are extracted include Ibogaine, Ibogamine, and Ibogaline.

As a chemical compound of Ibogaine, Ibogaine HCL is used in the treatment of addiction. Ibogaine HCL is a naturally-occurring compound extracted from the Tabernanthe iboga shrub native to Africa. Ibogaine HCL is used to flush toxins (such as opiate and other drugs) from the body and help dramatically reduce the uncomfortable symptoms associated with physical withdrawal from substance abuse. Buy IBOGAINE HCL Online

IBOGAINE HCL is the purified etracted from of iboga root barks.We administer the highest quality iboga in the TA (total alkaloid) form that has been grown naturally in the jungle. We do the extraction on the fresh rootbark ourselves to ensure the process is done correctly. After the extraction we take the TA powder and fill clear capsules so guests can swallow them without tasting the bitterness. The iboga shrubs we use are not harmed in the process and the harvesting involves a Bwiti Ceremony. Many people ask the question, Why don’t you use Ibogaine? Ibogaine is just one chemically isolated alkaloid from the second layer of the iboga root. 65% of the TA (total alkaloid) that we use consists of Ibogaine. However, there are at least 11 other alkaloids that have been identified, and many have healing properties. For example, there are two indole alkaloids within the iboga root that have been studied for treating pain. The two alkaloids that have shown the highest analgesic effects are Tabernanthine and Ibogaine. This is a reason why the use of the iboga root total alkaloid extract (TA) can be more useful than Ibogaine alone. Iboga TA for treating pain can be an alternative to morphine and other narcotics that have the potential to cause respiratory depression as well as addiction. In fact, iboga is considered an “anti-addictive” substance. Buy IBOGAINE HCL Online


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