Our Iboga Rootbark comes from trees that are at least 10 to 15 years old.

Buy Iboga Capsules, Iboga Capsules For Sale, Buy Iboga Capsule, Iboga (Tabernanthe Iboga) has a long history of use as a medicine and spiritual sacrament in central Africa. The legend goes that the forest people (pygmies) first discovered it through the observations of animals such as boar, porcupines and gorillas consuming the root. Iboga is used once a lifetime in a large dose in an initiatory ceremony by the Bwiti. The purpose of this initiation is for people to visit the spirit world and commune with the ancestors while seeking guidance for their lives. iboga-capsules

Iboga is no pleasure trip. It lacks any kind of recreational attraction, and isn’t even intoxicating in the normal sense. Pleasure or thrill seekers look elsewhere. However, it has the capacity to be profoundly cleansing and therapeutic when used with care and respect.

Iboga… why take the plunge?Buy IBOGA CAPSULES Online

The west knows Iboga for ibogaine and its addiction interrupting effects. In Africa they refer to Iboga as a master healer and has been longer used as a medicine and a spiritual sacrament. Iboga is not only effective at breaking addictions but also a powerful ally in breaking destructive habits and behaviour patterns. Venturing on a Iboga journey is a personal and therapeutic experience, and it will tend to confront you with your past and elements of your shadow. For many iboga takes the form of a teacher…it is direct yet not overbearing, both powerful and gentle, having a soft touch while being straight to the point. Tabernanthe iboga capsules iboga-capsules

While under the influence of iboga the user views themselves in a detached state. One is able to view their lives without the full emotional intensity and attachment such experiences may hold. This allows one to process things without being emotionally overwhelmed. Iboga provides a full brain defrag, while providing one with a thorough detox at the same time. It is a multifaceted plant that is physically, mentally and spiritually cleansing and grounding. Many people view iboga as a profound way of pressing the reset button on life, and to provide a fresh start to enact change. After taking iboga it is easier to move in a different direction and gaining new healing perspectives on life. Tabernanthe iboga capsules iboga-capsules

Since Tabernanthe Iboga is a very valuable gift from nature to humanity, we feel responsible that this tree has not died out.
We work with a professional farmer who takes care of the Tabernanthe Iboga tree.

This means that only part of the root among old ones
Trees is removed so that Iboga trees can continue to grow. In addition, young trees are constantly being replanted to preserve the wild Iboga population.
Finest Tabernanthe Iboga root bark ground to powder.

The root bark is grind by hand to fine powder to the highest and
to get the purest quality.

Then it will be sent to us. The production of the Iboga powder from the root bark is
very tedious in producing 1 kg of clean powder , it usually takes a whole day because there is always a part of wood in the root bark
which has to be removed because it does not contain Iboga.

It is pounded until the bark is separated from the wood. Then the bark is grind for so long
until a fine, clean powder is created.

For this reason, our fine Iboga powder is made in Cameroon, You can be sure that you
will get the best powder on the market from us with the much knowledge we have acquired in this production process. iboga-capsules
Individual Iboga effects:

    addiction coping
More intense dream memory
Central stimulating effect
Spiritual, mystical feeling
Lucid dreams, lucid dreams, out of body experiences
Insight into the subconscious
Strengthening self-confidence
Coping with traumatic experiences and disorders
Enliven the imagination
Making early childhood memories accessible
Descaling the pineal gland
Restful sleep
Clarity, focus
Synchronization of the brain hemispheres
Increased vitality of the body

Storage: The storage and storage of Iboga is best protected from light and cool. It should be so durable for years.

Note:Please keep out of the reach of children!

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